A simple guide to the underlying concepts of Terraform

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If you’re a DevOps engineer or someone that has to deal with DevOps-related work in your day-to-day work-life, I’m certain that you have heard about the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concept. Simply, IaC is something that has fallen right out from Heaven to lend a helping hand to everyday struggling DevOps engineers. IaC is the method of using machine-readable definition files to manage and provision an entire IT infrastructure. Using programming scripts, aids in the automation of the whole IT infrastructure. IaC has many benefits around it. …

A Detailed Guide to AWS Batch processing

If you’re dealing with big data, you definitely know how long it takes to finish a job. Imagine a situation where you have to run long-running jobs or perform parallel processing, and if you happen to manage servers hosted in AWS to do the processing, this is going to cost you a lot of processing hours which results in $$$$$. This is where batch processing solutions comes into place. Let’s get to know what batch processing is and how we can stand up a batch processing solution in AWS at a fraction of the lower cost.

What is batch processing?

Jobs that can run…

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Containers have risen rapidly in popularity, making code easy to continuously create, promote, and deploy across different environments. A container is a standardized unit of software that helps to distribute the software regardless of the setup. It is hard to manage everything so well when it comes to building highly accessible deployments, scaling up and down by load, testing the health of containers, load balancing, etc. This is where container orchestration tools step in.

Container Orchestration is the automated method of controlling or coordinating the work of individual containers within several clusters. It helps you with providing higher scalability, effortless…

A Beginner’s guide to Docker — how to containerize a simple python application

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Docker is a trend. Docker is a very popular and trendy topic in software engineering these days. Almost everyone is using it. Docker has helped developers to change the way of writing server software nowadays. Without a second thought, let’s dive right into it.

Docker essentially takes your operating system and split into many self-contained areas where applications can run in. Some say that it’s more like a virtual machine but in my opinion, even though there are some similarities, there are so many things that aren’t the same.

What are Virtual Machines?

Virtual machines (VMs) are an abstraction of physical hardware turning one…

Why Open-Source is the future of collaborative development

Have you ever wondered when you’re “Netflix and Chilling” or “Spotifying”, what's it like at their codebase and ask oneself how it works? Well, I did and I recently found out that Netflix and Spotify are Open Source 😲 (Actually not all the components, but some). Both Netflix and Spotify are committed to open source and they have published some of their software components to the public. This got me to think that open-source software has a lot to offer to businesses as well as to the public domain. It is more agile and customizable to our needs and it…

I recently attended the “7th Annual Cyber Security Summit” which was held on 24th September 2019 at Colombo Cinnamon Grand Hotel which shed useful insights into ‘prevention is better than investigation’ by a host of international and local experts. The sessions were focused on ‘Digital Intelligence for Making: The World a Safer Place’, ‘IoT Security for Financial Services’, ‘Digital Forensic Investigation Dynamics’ and ‘Tuning-up Security in Plural Social Networks’. What piqued my curiosity was the IoT security segment. It was stated that IoT requires another level of thinking about the compromise between security and convenience. One of the keynote speakers…

Everybody’s making a big fuss about machine learning these days. When talking about machine learning, Reinforcement learning is another topic that comes into focus. Let’s explore some stuff about reinforcement learning today 💁

What is reinforcement learning?

As we all know, Machine learning (ML) is a subset of artificial intelligence which provides machines the ability to learn automatically and improve the experience without being explicitly programmed. Reinforcement learning (RL) is a type of ML which is all about taking suitable action to maximize reward in a particular situation. It is employed by various software and machines to find the best possible behavior or path…

Do you know how your favorite Email service providers classify the emails you receive as spam or not-spam? It uses text classification to determine whether incoming emails are sent to the inbox or spam folder. Interesting. Isn’t it? First, we’ll learn what text classification really means.

What is text classification?

Text Classification(TC) is the process of assigning tags or categories to text according to its content. It is one of the fundamental tasks in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Text classifiers can be used to organize, structure and categorize pretty much anything. There are many approaches to text classification such as:

  • Rule-based systems
  • Machine learning…

Deep learning is getting lots of attention lately. Before diving into this, have you ever been caught in the confusion of the terms AI vs ML vs DL? Even though these terminologies sounds exactly the same, they carry different meanings.

What is AI?

AI stands for Artificial intelligence. AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines or computer systems. In simpler words, incorporating human intelligence to machines. AI processes include:

  • Learning — The acquisition of information and rules for using the information
  • Reasoning — Using rules to reach approximate conclusions
  • Self-correction — Correcting itself from past experiences

AI is further classified…

Hello there! Hope everyone’s had a great week. As you guys know, I’ve been studying Machine Learning for the research project that I’m working on and also as a module at my university as well. Here’s to the first experience I had with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning 😍 I will walk you through what is MS Azure to building an ML experiment by yourself.

What is Azure Machine Learning?

Azure machine learning is a cloud-based service used to build, test and deploy predictive analytics solutions based on your data. …

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